Bobby Hebb

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be thinking: Bobby who ?

My usual source for unknown originals of well-known songs is Sounds of the 60s, but in this case I can thank the records played yesterday evening as we waited for The Four Tops and The Temptations to come on.

I’d only ever heard the Boney M version before, so didn’t know this 1963 original. As final clinching proof of my lyrical unawareness let me add that my initial search was for ‘sonny’

The Four Tops were better I think.

The evening was also memorable for:

  • Perfected navigation (from memory) not just to – but also from – Nottingham.
  • A tasty tandoori feast at Tamatanga.
  • Vertiginous steps plus lots of stiletto heels at the FM Area.
  • Representing a personal end of an era.
  • Most priceless of all – hearing support act The Platters introduced as The Bladders !

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