A fantastic piece of psychedelic raga rock

Life is truly good when there are musical discoveries to be made such as this.

I just happened to be listening to Sounds of the 60s at the right time on 16 August.

Here’s a few snippets of what others have written:

Listen carefully and you can hear Marc Bolan singing in the background.

Lashed with sinister vocals, Eastern drone guitars and avalanching drums.

A lot of tangerine toffee treacle has flowed past the Marmalade Marshmallow since the first of the series attempted to plumb the hidden depths of British Beat, punk and psychedelic rock.

Originally a (Marc) Bolan demo, over which Napier-Bell dubbed (Andy) Ellison’s vocal. Marc wrote the music and the lyrics are Andy’s, but on the 45 the song was credited to a ‘T. Maundrell’, who knows why (well, it must have had something to do with Napier-Bell!). The song is an absolutely fantastic piece of psychedelic raga rock with a great repetitive guitar riff. Also I think Andy’s voice never sounded better than here! You can hear Marc’s voice in the background if you listen closely.

Here are links to Andy Ellison’s wikipedia entry and to John’s Children.


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