Musically interesting

I’ve settled into a rhythm with these posts – express positively my enthusiasm for a particular song. I steer clear of dislikes and negativity. Which explains the absence – until now – of Neil Young.

There is a special place in my heart for Neil Young. I was a budget traveller in the 1980s, armed perhaps with India A Travel Survival Kit, or South East Asia On A Shoestring. At that time – and very possibly even now – it was de rigeur for backpackers’ haunts to be generously laced with a Neil Young cassette or three. Cafes in Kathmandu, beach bars from Ko Samui to Bali, overnight buses to Jaipur – there was no escape. I found the word ‘dreary’ sufficient to describe the lot.

So it was interesting, to say the least, to hear this on 6-Music. Last night on Tom Robinson’s Now Playing, then this morning on the Shaun Keaveny breakfast show. It’s rather good as a piece of music, although it’s lyrically simplistic, and I speak as one broadly sympathetic to its message


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