I was introduced to Philip Glass in 1984.

Here is Opening from Glassworks, on the piano – very simple and very beautiful.

I didn’t understand, for the longest time, ‘where the notes come from’. And then I saw the score, and can read enough music to see that one hand plays a rhythm in 4s, the other in 3s.


2 thoughts on “Opening

  1. Ah, very nice. While I easy recognize the name, I’m slightly embarrassed to say I can’t immediately think of more of his work except the Qatsi trilogy. I’ll have to follow this up.

    Also a good reminder that I’d like to work some more piano pieces up to a playable standard over the coming year…

    • Hope it’s not too patronising to say ‘well done’ for recognising Philip Glass and knowing the Qatsi trilogy. I’m very fond indeed of Koyaanisqatsi and Powaqqatsi – and have just bought them on blu-ray. This is taken from Glassworks which is recommended. He’s done loads and there are plenty of areas I’ve not delved into. Let me point you in the direction of ‘Songs From Liquid Days’ – you are guaranteed to find them interesting – and perhaps even likable.

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