An introduction to Steely Dan

I hardly know Steely Dan at all despite their peak being in my formative decade, the 70s.

I’m vaguely aware of Haitian Divorce but it only properly – and gloriously – entered my consciousness a few weeks ago when Johnnie Walker played it on Sounds of the 70s.

Wikipedia tells me it got to number 17 in 1976 so perhaps it was too minor a hit to register back then ?

The first 35 seconds of this clip are silent

Babs and clean willie were in love they said
So in love the preachers face turned red
Soon everybody knew the thing was dead
He shouts, she bites, they wrangle through the night
She go crazy
Got to make a getaway
Papa say

Oh – no hesitation
No tears and no hearts breakin
No remorse
Oh – congratulations
This is your haitian divorce

She takes the taxi to the good hotel
Bon marché as far as she can tell
She drinks the zombie from the cocoa shell
She feels alright, she get it on tonight
Mister driver
Take me where the music play
Papa say

At the grotto
In the greasy chair
Sits the charlie with the lotion and the kinky hair
When she smiled, she said it all
The band was hot so
They danced the famous merengue
Now we dolly back
Now we fade to black

Tearful reunion in the usa
Day by day those memories fade away
Some babies grow in a peculiar way
It changed, it grew, and everybody knew
Whos this kinky so-and-so?
Papa go


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