My blog began in June 2011 and features posts on:

  • Selected current affairs.
  • Making sense of numbers.
  • Music and youtube videos.
  • Food and cookery.
  • Domesticity (cats’n’dogs mainly).
  • Trips, travel and transport.

That was the original idea anyway. My problem is an unbalanced inflow of (great) music. There’s inspiring stuff on the radio, and the moment I go into youtube I can’t help but follow links to further musical discoveries.

Since November 2013 I’ve concentrated on posts based on a musical clips with some commentary.

My posts are informed by a diet of:

  • BBC Radio 4.
  • BBC 6 Music.
  • BBC Radio 2.
  • The Observer newspaper.
  • Wikipedia and youtube.
  • Studying with the Open University since 2002.
  • Growing up in the 1970s.
  • Travelling in the 1980s.

There are supplementary pages on:

  • Tunes – links to songs selected from the 6 Music Introducing Mixtape;  anyone into ‘modern indie’ will surely find items of interest.
  • Gigs – a diarised list of gigs and concerts (although the original intent was to write more); supplemented since 2012 with films seen.
  • Travels – to become a diarised list of trips and travels. New page created 2 January 2013 and currently work in progress.

Thanks to TB & JH (JH has since become Mrs JB !) for getting me started.


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