A song from 1967 that will blow you away

Played by Cerys Matthews who described it as perfect with a croissant.

I had no idea it dated from the 1960s. It was only as I compared and contrasted youtube versions that its age became apparent. Wikipedia informs me that Jacqueline Taieb is Tunisian, born 1948, and the song’s about a teenage girl who fantasises about Paul McCartney

Death of Rod McKuen – a learning point

Back in 1974 you’d probably think that Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks would be written off by me as far too wet and weedy – but I’ve always had a soft spot for it. I know almost nothing about Rod McKuen, and had no idea he was the originator, until his recent death.

The youtube clip educates me further, explaining that it’s actually a Jacques Brel song