An obscure rockabilly single from 1958

You learn something new every day. I’d have confidently placed this in 1976 when it was indeed a hit, but had no idea, until five minutes ago, that Jungle Rock was recorded in 1958.

William M Mizell was born in 1923 which has to be some sort of record for this blog. At the other end of life, he died in pleasant-sounding Murfreesboro (Tenessee).

Youtube search function defeated

In the car, Saturday afternoon, Dermot O’Leary talking to band Aquilo.

First notable point is that Aquilo are from Silverdale, a Lancashire village on Morecambe Bay, where the family enjoyed a very pleasant cottage break some years back.

Second notable point is them successfully pulling off this extraordinary Minnie Riperton cover.

And the third notable point is when trying to find it on youtube, it defaulted to Losing You – presumably a more-established hit of theirs. Resorting to google did lead me to this clip

Dermot’s Indie Disco

Is a self-explanatory slot on Dermot O’Leary’s Saturday-afternoon show, which I catch if I happen to be in the car at the right time. In this case it was mid-April and I was driving to Birmingham to see Nadine Shah for the second – and by no means last – time.

This is one of those songs that I should know but don’t. It’s from 1996, a time when family – and the raising thereof – was to the fore