I don’t have anything against The Stone Roses. It’s just that they seem little over-rated. They’re certainly an above average Indie band with some strong songs. I just don’t quite get the hype. The downside of my mindset is that I tend to overlook this very wonderful piece of music

Little bird have you got a key ?

Unlock the lock inside of me.

Unusually this post relates to the office. I was asking round for the key to a cabinet; prompting smiles, comments of ‘little bird’, and references to ‘popular culture’.

Back home I checked youtube. The original is pretty, but – to my sensibilities at least – slightly marred by hip hop interruptions. Which is why I prefer this remake by Lexer.

Fascinatingly, recently-blogged-about Chilly Gonzales is a co-writer of the song, and a musician and arranger on Feist album Metals

Florence: a convert

I’m certainly aware of Florence and the Machine. I know they’re critically acclaimed and well liked by Indie types like me. But it was only until I heard this on the radio that I started to sit up and take notice. What Kind of Man remains the only song I actually know but on its strength I’ve bought tickets to see them at Alexandra Palace in September – a special spot I was taken to a few weeks ago.

This is a case study in a song whose meaning completely passed me by. I am swept away by the song’s drama, it’s driving power, stunning vocals, and simple strapline – but no clue as to what it’s about